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Why my masterfully crafted
LinkedIn profiles generate more
  response, land higher paying jobs,
win new clients and customers:

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Believe it. Today, anyone seriously interested in hiring you, giving you a promotion, or doing business with you is going to check you out on LinkedIn.

So it better be good. No, great.

A brilliantly worded and visualized LinkedIn Profile can leap out and set you apart from the hopelessly bland, underutilized, graphically deficient profiles everyone else is posting, and...

rank higher in LinkedIn searches..

trigger more reads and responses...

secure more interviews...

win higher compensation packages...

boost your business or practice...

and deliver the results you seek.

Yet who has the time or skills to master LinkedIn's constantly changing platform...

take every creative advantage of its dynamic features...

pull all your information
together and craft
a cohesive, inspired, visually appealing presentation...

then set it all up on LinkedIn.

I do.

Now you have the consummate pro to develop your LinkedIn profile.

An award-winning creative copywriter who's penned scores of successful profiles for many professions at all career stages...

from C-suite executives to recent grads to business owners and practitioners in the healthcare, legal, financial, technology, marketing, and numerous other fields.

One whom all of these top brands and many others have entrusted their copywriting to:

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Whether you're starting from scratch, or your current profile is a mess, I'll create a captivating new one for you, beginning to end. Including:

  • A strong, keyword-rich headline, taking every creative advantage of the 220 characters you're allowed, so you're more likely to pop up in LinkedIn searches. 
  • A fully developed (up to 2,600 characters or roughly 400 words) About section that tells your story with flair, showcases your most impressive accomplishments to elicit a "Yes, this is what we want!" reaction.

(Note: Many users leave this critical section blank, underdeveloped or woefully uninspired—a great opportunity to outshine your competition.)

  • An Experience section written in a format I innovated that quickly allows the visitor to read and grasp your most noteworthy achievements.

  • Plus, I'll complete and optimize other applicable profile sections that let you tout your:

       — Education & Professional Development  
       — Licenses & Certifications

       — Honors & Awards

       — Professional
    Organizations you belong to

       — Articles you may have published
       — Volunteer Work you've performed
       — And m
If you did it, get credit for it.

Profile Sample
I'll also research and suggest five striking background images to complement your profile pic.

That in itself, according to LinkedIn research, can increase profile views and responses significantly.

"Thank you! I have received so many compliments on what you did with my profile. I'm absolutely thrilled that I found you and your services!"
                                      —Christi K., Purcellville, VA
(Reference on request)


resumeUpon receiving your order, I will review the materials you provide, like your most recent resume, professional bio, link to your current profile, and any other information you'd like to include. Brief bullet points in an email are fine.

Then I'll interview you by phone to get a good sense of your work history, style and profile's primary objective.

(I can't tell you how many valuable insights and ideas come out of the interview, things you wouldn't get from a resume.)

In a few days I'll send you a draft in a file formatted to show exactly how your profile will look on LinkedIn, images and all, so you can suggest any edits before I upload it.

Email your profile link and I'll send you a free evaluation and what I would do to make it exceptional. No obligation, no pestering followups.
Questions? Please call me at 203

Once finalized, your competition-crushing profile will go live, working for you 24/7.


—If you're currently employed and contemplating a career move, I can make you "discoverable" yet discreet at the same time.  

—If you find it hard to write about yourself (and many do), I can strike the perfect balance between confidently presenting your accomplishments... without sounding boastful.

If your work history is a massive jumble of positions, endeavors, details, and dates...and you don't even know where to begin...I'm a whiz at sorting it all out and distilling its essence into an engaging, readable, high-impact presentation.

And if the whole LinkedIn profile process is freaking you out, I will make the experience, trust me, a pleasant one.


                                                      InterviewThe fee quoted below covers my complete immersion in creating a profile that gives you an immediate advantage over millions of others...and can advance your career and compensation dramatically.

It's a value that will repay you many times over.

Beware of services that treat LinkedIn profiles like online resumes. They're compilers, cut-and-pasters, not creative writers. (Borrrring.)

And steer clear of those profile mills that will farm yours out to someone on the cheap, who they, and you, know little about.

(Clients often come to me after shelling out money on a profile they are not happy with.)

When you hire me, you get me—a top industry-honored copywriter—start to finish.

Read unsolicited, unvarnished reviews below. The exuberance stems from my effort to fully grasp the unique talents of each client, and showcase them in a way that exceeds all expectations.

Reasonable revisions are included. As is my
Full-Refund Satisfaction Guarantee
. (See below.)

Don't be lost in a sea of sleep-inducing, clone-like LinkedIn profiles.

Launch one that claims the spotlight, recognition
and livelihood you deserve.


                 One-Time Cost: $595

  With Option to Pay in Interest-Free Installments.

Upon completion of your transaction you'll receive
an order confirmation email. I will contact you with
next steps. Or, email your profile link, latest resume
or other input you may have.

Your Complete Profile Package Includes
  Business Blather
                                                  - Look Inside
Plus, you'll receive the eBook edition of my latest book
"Business Blather: Stop Using Words That Sound Good But Say Nothing!" Filled with priceless wisdom and advice on how to write and speak in clear, concise, high-impact language. A $7.99 value.

Amazon $40 Gift
                                                  eCardHere's another Bonus! If you use my service and refer others (as my customers often do), you'll receive a $50 Amazon eGift Card for each referral who also uses my service.

Questions? Email or call 203·254·7789. I'm happy to provide more details.


Unsolicited, Unvarnished Reviews
(punctuation theirs)

"Thanks so much Jerry. It looks great. I now feel comfortable and confident connecting with people!"

                                          —Doug H., Washington, DC

                                          (Reference on request)

"Got a lot of great feedback on the profile!"

                                          —Craig H., Chicago, IL

                                          (Reference on request)

"I wanted to drop you a quick note to say I landed a wonderful new job. So thank you once again for helping with my LinkedIn profile as I believe it was a crucial factor in landing this position."
                                          —Nicole W., Toronto, Canada
(Reference on request)

"This looks amazing!! Thank you for all your help. I'm fortunate to have found you!!!!"

                                           Dan T., Chicago, IL

                                          (Reference on request)

"This is more than I expected and an excellent write-up. Thank you, thank you. I am very happy with the outcome."
                               —Luz R., Rohnert, CA

                             (Reference on request)

"You are awesome. I truly appreciate your guidance and writing. I am very pleased with your services and value the experience of working with you."                

                                             —Tracy L., Houston, TX

                                            (Reference on request)

"The profile looks great! Thank you so much for everything. If anyone ever needs help with LinkedIn, I'll make sure to refer them your way."     

                                             Jeff P., New York, NY

                                            (Reference on request)

"I love it! I'm very satisfied. Thank you so much, Jerry." 

                                             Clare B., Rochester, NY

                                            (Reference on request)

"Fantastic! Very cool. I am very excited to see this coming together."   
                                             —Greg G., Pittsburgh, PA                                             (Reference on request)

"Looks great. Thank you very much. Will be sure to recommend your services to others."                

                                             Francesca L., San Jose, CA

                                            (Reference on request)

"Thank you so very much, Jerry, for your kindness and for the excellence of your work."   

                                             —Andrew I., Spokane, WA   

                                            (Reference on request)

"This looks amazing. Great job. You are truly talented." 

                                             Rachel V., New York, NY

                                            (Reference on request)

"Thank you! I appreciate your efforts and timely response in this matter. I will be happy to recommend your services to my friends and peers."     

                                             —Rob V., Pensacola, FL

                                            (Reference on request)

"Thanks, Jerry. It looks great! I'm a very private person so this is a HUGE deal for me. Thanks for taking the time and care with my story, my profile."   

                                             —Tanya S., Oakland, CA

                                            (Reference on request)

"I absolutely love this! So brilliantly written! Thank you!

—Eric L., Marina del Rey, CA

                                           (Reference on request)

"This is excellent. You really hit the nail on the head with how you described my career history and job roles. Thank you so much for your help on this. I am extremely pleased with the results!"                
                                             —Ann M., Kansas City, KS

                                            (Reference on request)

"Jerry, just amazing!!! I am so impressed and so pleased. Do not change a thing! Very powerful profile!"   

                                             —Marc C., Las Vegas, NV

                                            (Reference on request)

"Wonderful. Thank you again for helping me. I feel confident now that I can go out there to find the right

place for me."

                                            —Linda G., Minneapolis, MN                                            (Reference on request)

"Thank you, Jerry! This looks really good. I showed it to a couple of people who were also quite complimentary of your work."   
                                             —Tom R., Houston, TX

                                            (Reference on request)