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  Lose the Drum Rolls, Get to the Point!

by Jerry McTigue


Want a website that grabs instant, "aha!" attention?

Then please, present your product without a lengthy, lofty buildup that says nothing and wastes time ("Introducing, after years in the making, the answer to a problem that defies even the most…yada, yada, yada…") Click. Bye.

Without the vague descriptors ("A Business Solution for the Digital Age"). Uh, that could be anything from a mousepad to a supercomputer.

Without the cryptic slides that flash by before you can even read them, much less grasp their meaning.

Without industry jargon only a product engineer could understand.

Without all the other fanfare and frippery you feel your hero product needs to be dressed up in, yet serves only to obfuscate.

Just tell me what the damn thing is. And what it can do for me. Right there, at the outset. Before the fold. So I don't have to click, scroll, or send out a search party to get the drift.

Here's a landing page I recently wrote for Nat Geo. Everything you need to know, and do, is right there above the fold. Simple. Understandable. And, to coin a new word, Respondable.

Nat Geo Little Kids Big Bundle

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