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Here are examples of both plain text and HTML email messages I've penned:

Lear Capital Precious Metals Email Blast

Lear Capital
        Email Blast

Garage Gear Email Promotion


Re: your messy garage

(Email Body)

How to turn frightful...into delightful.

The reason so many garages are so messy, there's no designated place to put anything! Nothing your lawn equipment, bikes, nuts, bolts, toys, and tools can call home. It all just kind of piles up on each other.

Garage Gear has a dedicated place for everything. And we mean everything. Just tell us what you have (make a list) and we'll tap our more than 400 cabinets and storage units to design a custom system that will accommodate it all.

Beautifully. Neatly. Permanently. Just go to:

You won't find anything like our extensive selection of storage solutions. Or anything as durably made. (All come with a lifetime guarantee.)

Because if you want to get rid of the clutter at last, you need a system that's built to last.

Find the Garage Gear dealer nearest you at:

Every square foot of your garage is valuable and productive space. Why not make the most of it?

Visit us today to finally conquer the clutter:

Budget Travel Magazine Email Promotion


Lipitor Health Prize Email Promotion

(Subject )

John, did you remember to take your Lipitor?

(Email body)

The reason we’re asking, John, is this:

Now you can earn valuable reward points just for 
taking your Lipitor as your doctor prescribed.

Seriously. We’re launching a new program called Healthy Habits Rewards.

Simply sign up and you can earn points redeemable for all sorts of fabulous free gifts.

And you don’t have to buy anything, fly anywhere or stay anywhere.

Just take your Lipitor as directed.

Sound good? It is. Learn more here.

That’s not all. With our Healthy Habits Rewards you’ll also enjoy:

* Customizable email and text reminders so you won’t forget to 
  take your medication and miss out on valuable reward points.

* Daily Health Tips to help you feel better, eat better, live better.

* Fun Quizzes, Drawings & Competitions. Win Prizes, too!

* And Much More. And it’s all FREE with your Lipitor prescription.

Why? To help you get into, well, healthy habits.

But hurry, only a select group has been invited and only the first 100 to sign up can participate.

So, are you interested?


Pristine Financial Webinars Email

Pristine Financial Webinars Email Message

seoClarity SaaS Email Blast (click for full funnel)


Enterprise SEO In A Nutshell (Actually, a Little Ebook)

(Email Body)

Scaling SEO across a global enterprise can be a scary prospect for an SEO team challenged with the task.

Hold on. It can be done. Quite successfully in fact.

We wrote the book on it. A 20-minute e-read tops, and if it doesn't elicit an ah-ha!, nothing else will. Download it here:

Building an SEO Center of Excellence gives you the whole picture. Shows you how all those disparate pieces and players can work together seamlessly to make SEO excel on an enterprise scale.

So dig in (it's free):

Note, this ebook is not a sales pitch. It's a rigorously verified approach for getting consistent, measurable, repeatable SEO results out of every nook and cranny of your organization.

And if it triggers a breakthrough moment for you, please share it with colleagues. They'll appreciate the epiphany, too. 

Wishing you the best in SEO success.

    Advertising Specialty Institute Email
Advertising Specialty Institute Catalogs Email

Scholastic Administrator Magazine Email

Administrator Magazine Email Promotion

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