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  What about the 97% Who Don't Buy?

by Jerry McTigue

97% Don't Buy

A review of online (and direct mail) response rates suggests that if you can convert 3% of the people you target, you're doing pretty well. Many efforts don’t even come close to that. Not exactly the floodgates you were expecting to open, but that’s the reality.

But what about the 97% who didn't take the bait? What kind of impression did you leave them with? Did they like what they saw and read, but just weren't ready to buy? Or were they confused, disappointed or plain turned off by your website? A critical difference.

If your business can survive a 3% or less conversion rate, fine. If not, that 97% is the key to your future. So you better make sure you make a lasting impression, present your product in a clear and compelling way, give them ample reason to come back another time and close the deal.

Forrester Research reports that approximately 50% of potential sales are lost because users can’t find information. What a waste of resources! Websites aren't places to be subtle, coy or clever. Put your goods out there boldly, up front, in no uncertain terms. Put your response device right in their faces.

Forrester also notes 40% don't return to a site when their first visit is a negative experience. Websites written and designed by hacks, or worse, owners, look it. Bad grammar, typos, poor navigation, disjointed layouts...people notice. And pass.

Think how annoyed you get when you go into a store and can't find what you want, merchandise is sloppily displayed, clerks don't have a clue, and check-out is an odyssey. You won't soon return. Ditto, websites.

Thumbs UpBefore your site is even designed and developed, have an experienced professional copywriter organize and outline it for optimal impact and response.

And move a sizable chunk of those 97% to the conversion side of the ledger.

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