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  Your Press Release Will Flop. Unless...

by Jerry McTigue

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Your press release is doomed to the trash heap of vanished possibilities. Unless...

Unless it sparks interest. Ignites curiosity. Makes a deeper connection with readers than the unfathomable volumes of promotional flak spewed out daily by PR wire services.

Unless it's ready for publication. No cram-everything-in headlines that make little sense. No uninspired prose eyes glaze over. No self-promoting fluff pubs are loath to run. (That’s what they sell advertising for.) Editors are crazy busy. Give them a tight, well-crafted story they don’t have to take the hatchet to, one they can slug right in and go with.

Unless you do more than the random canon blast press release mills bank on, destined for dispersion unnoticed into a vast cosmos of lost pitches.

No, hand-pick the most respected editors and bloggers in your industry and contact them directly with a personal email and your release pasted smack into the body, not an attachment. Or shoot it off snail mail in a plain white envelope. Ditto TV and radio producers who might have an interest in your product or service. (I once sent my Life’s Little Frustration Book on a whim to the producer of Regis & Kathie Lee. They read it on the air!)

Put your release on your website. Post it to your Facebook page. Tweet a link to it. Share it on LinkedIn. Good press releases have legs. Beautiful legs. Show them off whenever and wherever you can. Your announcement is important to you. Make it important to everyone else!

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