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Content vs. Copy
: Know the Difference
by Jerry McTigue

Content vs. Copy

Do you want your webpage, email or video to inform? Or sell? There's a difference between content writing (informational) and copywriting (promotional). Different purpose. Different talent required. Different writing skills involved.

Take the Elevator White PaperContent writing educates. It takes a more objective, journalistic approach, providing expert information and advice on the topic covered. Blogs, white papers, ezines, articles, informational videos, podcasts, and newsletters are good examples. The strength of content writing lies in its ability to gain the confidence and trust of the prospect through unbiased analysis of a product or category.

Copywriting, on the other hand, is intended to sell. It engages the prospect, describes features and benefits of the product or service in Sano Websitepowerful ways, and closes the pitch by strongly urging the customer to take action. Commercial websites, print ads, social media ads, email campaigns, direct mail, banner ads, and brochures are just a few examples.

Unquestionably, you should use both forms of writing in your marketing mix. It's just as important to establish yourself as a thought leader in your business through content writing as it is to sell your wares through copywriting. In either case, hire a professional with proven skills in that particular discipline.

Ideally, your content writer has published articles in noted publications, and written white papers, press releases and blog posts for respected companies. And your copywriter should provide produced samples that demonstrate his or her creative prowess. Beware of self-proclaimed "experts" who tout their wonderful abilities but have nothing to show for it. Or someone proficient at content writing who says they can do your copywriting. It's not the same thing.

In rare cases, you'll find a writer who has mastered both content writing and copywriting. Who has a successful track record in each. Who can easily switch from one to the other or deftly integrate the two. Who can make your marketing campaign a lot easier to develop...and a lot more cost effective. 

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