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Why wait for that chance referral or inquiry, when you can proactively initiate relationships with dozens of potential home sellers well in advance of your rivals?

And convert them with professionally written, response-generating email sales messages?

A Game-Changing Marketing Strategy to
Drives Leads and Listings Your Way.

The new
LISTINGS GENERATOR EMAIL PACKAGE contains four messages skillfully crafted to move owners forward in theSold Home home-selling process. Each message communicates a thought-provoking insight on marketing their home, and delivers a strong incentive to take action. Even among those not yet contemplating selling, you brand yourself as the go-to authority when they are. 

To grow your audience, your package also includes effective strategies for expanding your email list to hundreds, even thousands of local homeowners.

The themes of your Email Messages include:

Message 1. Reveals the perfect storm of opportunity that now exists for owners who put their houses on the market. And impels them to do so with you.

Message 2. Presents a convincing argument to start the process, sweetened with a desirable promotional incentive.

Message 3. Stresses the importance of avoiding a costly mistake many owners make in choosing a Realtor, leaving you perfectly positioned to win the listing.

Message 4:
Offers compelling reasons for owners to start updating their homes, even if they're not selling right away. Advice they'll be grateful you gave them.

So Who's Behind All This?

These exclusive email blasts are expertly written by nationally recognized, award-winning copywriter Jerry McTigue, who has created successful campaigns for many top brands and blue chip companies, including a diverse portfolio of real estate advertising.

When you read these messages, you'll appreciate immediately their ability to command attention, deliver cogent home-selling guidance, and persuade owners to entrust their listings to you.

And rest assured: Your package is 30-day money-back guaranteed to meet your highest expectations for quality and promotional impact. (See Guarantee below.) 

Your customizable messages can be deployed in three strategic ways:

1. Space them out to form a campaign that builds new relationships that result in listings.

2. Send them out individually to answer queries and initiate contact with hot prospects in your area.

3. Use them as an Autoresponder Series that automatically answers email inquiries while you conduct other business.

Ensuring Your Messages Reach
a Multitude of Prospects.

Your LISTINGS GENERATOR EMAIL PACKAGE also includes valuable strategies to quickly grow your list of local homeowners, so your email messages will give you the inside edge to secure the listing if they're thinking of selling, or be top of mind when the time comes.

All This at a Low, One-Time Price

Keys Turned OverTrying to reach prospective sellers by advertising on realty sites, in newspapers and other media is highly competitive and involves substantial recurring expenses. And why be one of many agents fighting it out for each listing?

Now you can preempt your competition through the direct contact and precise targeting that email offers, before an agent search begins. With unrivaled, powerfully written messages designed to achieve one, and only one outcome. A listing.

All at nominal cost.

The LISTINGS GENERATOR EMAIL PACKAGE is yours for the one-time low price of $49. About $12 per message! Compare that with the premium rates Jerry McTigue routinely charges clients to write their email campaigns. Even more importantly, the exponential upside potential of this very modest purchase.

Each message can be used as many times as you like. And your package is backed by this Unconditional Guarantee:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

"I guarantee your email messages meet the highest professional standards. If, for any reason, you are not totally satisfied, I will promptly refund your payment."

            —Jerry McTigue, Listings Generator

Upon purchase, you'll receive a link to a file containing your package. Simply copy and paste subject lines and text into your email program. Full instructions and suggestions for using your messages are included. Start mailing today!


Remember, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.
There is no risk whatsoever.

Every day, more homeowners decide to sell.
Why not be way out front in pitching those listings?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to 
EMAIL or call me at 203·254·7789

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Terms of Use:  The proprietary and copyrighted email messaging contained in the Listings Generator Email Package is licensed solely to the purchaser of this package. Messages may not be transferred, resold or published in any form other than that for its intended use in the email campaigns of the licensee.

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